ADO.NET Tutorial for Beginners using C#

ADO.Net Tutorial using C#

In this tutorial we will discuss about Basics of Ado.Net, Authentication and types of Connectivity in Ado.Net using C#.

Ado.Net is stands for ActiveX Data Objects which is a part of .net framework. Ado.Net is a collection of classes i.e. used for database connectivity.
Ado.Net contains set of classes i.e. used to handle data access by database connectivity.
Data Providers: Generally, Provider is a program used to convert front-end code in form of Back-end code and vice-versa.
  •          Data Provider for SQL Server :- System.Data.SqlClient.
  •          Data Provider for OLEDB :- System.Data.OleDb.
  •          Data Provider for ODBC :- System.Data.Odbc.

Authentication: There are two type of Authentication in as follows:
  1.        Windows Authentication.
  2.        Sql Server Authentication (as we use Sql server).

There are two types of connectivity provided by These are given below:
  1.  Ado.Net in Connected Mode.
  2. Ado.Net in Disconnected Mode.
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